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Joe Manganiello Nude
Alexander Ludwig Nude
Hugh Jackman Nude
Chris Evans Nude
Justin Bieber Nude SELF-SHOTS!
Justin Bieber Nude in Hacked pics
Justin Bieber Nude in Hacked pics
Justin Bieber Nude in Hacked pics
Supposedly, Justin Bieber's laptop was stolen. We're wondering if these were the nude pics that were found and leaked.

He turned eighteen this year and is looking super sexy! Tom Daley was by far the hottest athlete at the 2012 Olympics in London.
Now he's starting to show skin and we have the pics.
Sons of Anarchy
Dylan McDermont Nude
The highlight of my week was the great shower scene of Charlie Hunnam in "Sons of Anarchy". Wow, nice butt! I hope we get to see a lot more.
Dylan McDermot Nude
Dylan McDermont Nude
Here are some caps of Dylan McDermott who popped his nudity on "American Horror Story". The story focuses on a family that moves to a mansion in Los Angeles, unaware that the once-noble home is haunted.
Gerard Butler Shirtless
Gerard Butler Nude
Gerard Butler goes shirtless on the set of his new movie, "Of Men and Mavericks", in Los Angeles.
Brandon Beeme Exposed
Gerard Butler Nude
The awesomely gorgeous Brandon Beemer did some modeling at the Perry Ellis show on "Dirty Soap", which thankfully involved him stripping down to his skivvies behind the catwalk.

paul dawson nude scene

Paul Dawson loves rubbing his 9" cock in movie sex scenes for all to see. No wonder he's gay a cult movie hero!

Christopher Meloni nude scene

From his ripped abs and bulging biceps to his thick penis, Christopher Meloni deserves his huge fan club following.

Erick Dane nude

Eric Dane
Eric Dane plays McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy, but we found his anatomy much steamer in his real life threesome sex tape! Dane got totally naked with his wife and a beauty queen.

Randy Orton nude

Randy Orton
Not many wrestlers measure up to Randy Orton. Randy's huge cock shows he’s got the right to be cocky in and out of the wrestling ring. Get other Naked Wrestlers!

Jamie Foxx cock pics

Jamie Foxx
Our favorite leaked pics of the year are from actor Jamie Foxx. When he whipped out his HUGE stick of dark meat we forgot all about Brad Pitt. Get the Uncensored Pics!
Sean Penn Nude

One of the hottest reality shows around, this one shows more male celebrity skin than you will believe. There are shirtless boys all over Jersey Shores.




Sean Penn Nude

Ben Cohen is one of the best rugby playes in the world, he is also one of the sexiest alive today! See him exposed in the members area.

Henry Cavill Shirtless
Henry Cavill shirtless Henry Cavill shirtless Henry Cavill shirtless
Henry Cavill shows off his sculpted shirtless body as he walks around the set of "Man of Steel" on Thursday (October 13) in British Columbia, Canada. The 28-year-old actor wore a pair of ripped pants - and sported a scruffy beard for his rainy day of filming!

Dominic Cooper in The Devil's Double
Dominic Cooper Nude Dominic Cooper Nude Dominic Cooper Nude
Dominic Cooper was phenomenal in the dual role of Saddam Hussein's sadistic son and his doppelgänger in the film "The Devil's Double". Here are some great pics showing off his hot butt!

Chris Evans NudeFor those who love beards, hairy chests or hair in other places we've got loads of hairy celebs. Hairy and famous, what more could you ask for?

Daniel Radcliffe Nude!
Daniel Radcliffe Nude Daniel Radcliffe Nude Daniel Radcliffe Nude
He's all grown up now and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has gone from sexy young man to a studly well hung man. And he's not worried about exposing his meat on stage either! We must say that all of us love the girth of Daniel's un-cut penis!
Chris Evans Exposed
Chris Evans NudeChris Evans NudeChris Evans Nude

There's not many male celebrities hotter than Chris Evans right now, especially after this latest nude photo of him surfaced the Internet. We all assumed that he had a bi g cock, but now we have the solid proof. His latest movie roles have been super heroes and he totally fits the bill.


Jonathan Groff Nude
Jonathan Groff NudeJonathan Groff NudeJonathan Groff Nude
"Glee" hottie Jonathan Groff has a full frontal nude scene in "Twelve Thirty" and it finally leaked. He's such a cutie; I'm just ecstatic to see him in all his glory. His (alleged) boyfriend Zachary Quinto (allegedly) is lucky!



The New Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum NudeChanning Tatum Nude Channing Tatum Nude
Can you believe that Channing Tatum lately? He's had several nude pics leaked to the Internet, as well as pictures of him dressed as a woman. I guess when you have a cock as big as he does you really don't care. He's starring in tons of movies and is a leading mand in Hollywood.


Zayn Malik EXPOSEDZayn Malik EXPOSED
One Direction's Zayn Malik is probably the hotest band member. It's always been rumored that he is gay, but we have our answer now!
See the photos...JOIN NOW
Justin Bieber Nude Shots
UPDATE Justin Bieber in Brazil
We have the full video available in the members area and we are now getting fresh, new scandal photos of Justin Bieber and Tati Neves from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Justin Bieber BrazilJustin Bieber BrazilJustin Bieber BrazilJustin Bieber Brazil

Channing Tatum Totally Nude
Channing Tatum NudeChanning Tatum NudeChanning Tatum Nude
Channing Tatum Caught Changing at the Beach!
Channing Tatum NudeChanning Tatum got in the best shape of his life for his role in 'Magic Mike' and practiced his stripping techniques. It wasn't to him at all though, he was once a real male stripper while trying to make it in hollywood. In the last year there has been several sightings of him nude.

Johnny Knoxville - Wild, Crazy, and Naked
Channing Tatum Nude
Now that Johnny Knoxville is a major celebrity we probably won't get to see his cock as much. The good thing is that in the last couple years, he's been caught pissing in public, filmed shaving his balls, and several other stunts where he is completely naked..JOIN NOW

Dylan Sprouse SelfieDylan Sprouse Selfie Dylan Sprouse Selfie
We have the video and pics.
Dylan Sprouse was once a star on the Disney series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody". The other night he was sending some naked pictures of himself online and the guy decided to leak them. He's got a nice sized cock and apparently admitted to the photos the next day!!.JOIN NOW
Zac Efron caught nude in Sydney Australia
Zac Efron nude in AustraliaZac Efron nude in AustraliaZac Efron nude in Australia

Zac Efron thought he was all alone when he got fully nude on his hotel balcony. Little did he know that there were paparazzi watching his every move. He stepped outside without clothes on and exposed his cock and butt. Immediately after he realized that he was being photographed, he had his security team block the view.JOIN NOW

Josh Hutcherson Self Shot Nude Pics
Josh Hutcherson nude Josh Hutcherson nude Josh Hutcherson nude
Since starring in the hit movie 'The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson has become one of the most famous young men in Hollywood. He's on the cover of magazines, winning awards, and already has other big upcoming movies lined up. We were shocked to discover his self shot nude pictures made their way to the net.JOIN NOW
Private Nude Pics of Logan Lerman surface
Logan Lerman NudeRobert Pattinson Nude Robert Pattinson Nude
Ever since Logan Lerman turned 18 we've been following his career. We have had a hard time coming up with sexy pictures of him, so you can imagine how excited we were when his nude pics were sent to us. The young actor is well hung and has nothing to be ashamed of...JOIN NOW
Is This The Kanye West Sex Tape?
Kanye West Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Kanye West Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Kanye West Kim Kardashian Sex Tape
The latest celebrity scandal to make its way to our site is the Kanye West sextape. Supposedly, this is Kanye West banging the shit out of Kim Kardashian. She blows his big black cock and then he fucks her in both holes. Its unreal the things that celebs are doing for publicity these days.
Prince Harry Nude in Las Vegas
Prince Harry Nude in VegasPrince Harry Nude in VegasPrince Harry Nude in Vegas
Prince Harry is defnitely the 'Bad Boy' out of the royal family. He's been known to party and get pretty wild, but we never imagined he would get caught fully nude. During his hotel party in Las Vegas, the Prince stripped down and showed his big red cock
Matthew Bomer Gay Scandal
Matt Bomer Nude Matt Bomer Gay Boyfriend Matt Bomer Gay Boyfriend
It was always rumored that Matt Bomer was gay and in February of this year he officially came out. The Glee star is one of the most popular male celebrities acting right now and he's about to get even more popular. These nude pictures of Matt Bomer recently made their way to the web showing him making out with his boyfriend and even wearing a cock ring. Great timing considering that he plays the role of a male stripper in an upcoming movie..
Ryan Gosling Caught Pissing
Ryan Gosling PissingRyan Gosling Pissing Ryan Gosling Pissing
Since his start on The Mickey Mouse Club, Ryan Gosling has become a mega star and plays roles in some of the biggest movies being made. He's doing nude scenes and showing quite a bit of skin these days as well. Recently he was caught by the paparazzi with his pants down and pissing, his cock was totally exposed for the world to see.JOIN NOW
Michael Fassbender NudeMichael Fassbender NudeMichael Fassbender Nude

Michael Fassbender is one of the sexiest actors to do a full frontal nude scene in a long time. His latest nude scene was in the movie 'Shame' where he exposed his giant cock. The movie earned rave reviews and male celeb fans have been talking about him ever since. You can expect big things from Michael Fassbender in 2012.

Harry Style's Selfie
Harry Styles Selfie
Harry Styles going completely insane! He just couldn't bear seeing Zayn becoming the headline of every piece of media. Se his all personal photos in the members area.
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner Nude
We've got the highest quality pics of Taylor Lautner and other sexy male celebs. You can see them totally exposed inside.
Adam Levine Nude
Adam Levine is a rockstar and a reality TV star who hosts "The Voice". He recently did a nude photoshoot and exposed his sexy body.
Mario Lopez EXPOSED
Alex Pettyfer Nude
We've been showing you shirtless pictures of Mario Lopez for years, but now we have the real goods. While vacationing recently,
he decided to take a dip in the ocean naked. He had no idea that there was a fan with a camera watching.

Alex Pettyfer Nude
Did Alex Pettyfer have a nude modeling career before becoming a Hollywood celeb? Sure looks that way!
Taylor Lautner Nude

Recent webcam shots of Taylor Lautner jerking-off have surfaced the net and we can't wait to show them to you.

henry Cavill Nude
Henry Cavill is one of the sexiest actors appearingin movies these days.
Teddy Sears Nude
Sherlock had its premiere episode this week and Benedict Cumberbatch ias got naked pics showing off his butt for everyone! I hope you enjoy!

sexy movie scene
It’s hip in Hollywood to go gay for pay, and we've got your favorite male stars in the most salacious sex scenes.


sexy movie scene

nude movie scenes
Clive Owen shows full frontal nudity in the 1991 film 'Close My Eyes'. Why close your eyes?

Paul Dawson
ben affleck nude
With men-on-men group sex scenes like this from Shortbus . See Paul and his 9 inch cock in action here!


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Robert Pattinson
Hugh Jackman

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1. Soulja Boy
2. Shemar Moore
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4. Anthony Gallo
5. Tyson Bettis 6. Dennis Rodman

7. Cuba Gooding
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10. Devin hester

1. Tiger Woods
2. Will Smith
3. Denzel Washington
4. Jay-Z
5. Lebron James 6. Don Cheadle

7. Cuba Gooding

8. Kobe Bryant
9. Samuel Jackson
10. Morgan Freeman


Peter Sarsgaard nude
Tyson Bickford
Tyson Beckford may be best known as a Ralph Lauren model, but we like him best in his totally naked photo shoots. Sporting a huge, balck cock, Beckford doesn’t need anything else to make him look good. See how hung Tyson really is!
LATEST SEX TAPE – Jamie Foxx Private Cock Shots!

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx has a lot more than talent - 9 inches of dark meat have been hiding just below that ripped and waxed chocolate six pack of his. Foxx snapped some private pics of himself fully naked, and of course Menthunder has them!later declined.
See it all



T.I. rubbing His big dick
Cuba Gooding
 nude rapper 1
 nude rapper 2  nude rapper 3
Rapper T.I. gets such a rush from performing in front of thousands of screaming fans he sometimes has to spank the monkey right on stage. In prison now, he's got plenty of time to jack off and maybe even hook up on the down low. We're just wondering if he's a top or a bottom? With that chocolaty-cream hairless body, we're thinking he's somebody's bitch.. See it all

Dicaprio Frontal Nude Shot
Cuba Gooding shirtless photos taken by paparazzi.
Click here to see him nude!
Raz B Self exposed
Raz B nude Raz B nude

De'Mario Monte Thornton, better known as 'Raz-B' may be a former member of a boy band, but when he exposed his own member recently in these self-shot photos, he proved he was all grown up
and ready for his close-up. The sexy 25 year old singer and actor seems pretty proud of his firm body and even firmer black cock and we can see why. It's long and strong. One thing is for sure, you won't find these X-rated photos on his fan club page!
To see all of Raz B's hot full frontal cock pics,
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Santonio Holmes
Terrell Owens
 nude rapper 1
 nude rapper 2  nude rapper 3
Sure, Santonio Holmes is technically a wide reciever, but with a cock like that, he's looks better suited to be a pitcher. The Pittsburgh Steeler was named Super Bow XLIII MVP and we're wondering if he got a special championship cock ring for that HUGE man muscle of his. See the rest of Santonio Holmes private naked pictures here! . See it all

Terrell Owens Nude Shot See Terrel Owens and other black male celebs now
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Chris Brown Nude Vacation Pics
chris brown nude chris brown nude

Chris Brown has been involved in his fair share of celeb scandals, but he's still one of our favorite male celebrities. He's a talented singer and has several hit songs on the radio. He's also fond of taking nude pictures of himself and "Leaking" them to the Internet
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LL Cool J

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Nude Fakes of the month

Thomas Jane
Thomas Jane has yet to go full frontal in his hit series, but with a little imagination you can see just how
"Hung" Thomas might be.
The hot actor is surely going to bare all for the cameras some day soon, but until then, our cock experts have put together
these fake nudes to help ease your curiosity..

Robert Pattison
Robert Pattinson recently took it all off and appeared nude in a scene from the movie "Little Ashes". This is the first time the male celebrity heartthrob has bared his naked body.

James McAvoy
This Scottish Hottie has a body built for sex. The "Wanted" star has one of the most wanted pieces of man meat in Hollywood. Take a look at these photos of James' sculpted physique and throbbing tube steak. He has been known to bare all in the past which begs the question, which photos out there are real and which ones are fake? Scan through our inventory of fake James Mcavoy pictures and all of your other favorite male celebs by clicking now!!

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High School Musical star Zac Efron's onscreen image is squeaky clean, but you know the actor is dying to leak a few pics like his Disney counterparts have. We're positive some self-shot cell phone pics will make to a blog near you soon. To tide us over, these fake pics give us a peak at what some day we'll certainly see as Efron attempts to shed his good boy rep.
See it all



robert Pattison
Will Smith
rob pattison fake 1
rob pattison fake 2 rob pattison fake 3
Sure, this hot young actor has teased us with partial nude swimming scenes and gay romance in his movies, but you haven't seen anything like this on Twilight. Since Robert wants to keep on dangling the skin flute in front of us without full delivery,these full cock shots of him can give you a little something to dream of when you're fantasizing about R-Patz until he gives it up for real.Even though they're fakes, we might venture a guess that these photos are pretty close to what he's really got in his tighty whities.. See it all
Dicaprio Frontal Nude Shot
See Will Smith & Other Nude Black Male Celebs Now
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JAke FAke

Jake Gyllenhaal likes to tease us in his big-budget, Oscar-winning movies by showing a little ass here, a treasure trail there, even draping a santa hat over his cock to get us to fork out the price of admission. All we really want, though, is a good, full frontal look at Jake's snake in full high def. Our collection of fake Jake Gyllenhaal pics quenches our thirst… for a little bit, at least.

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Justin Timberlake
Tom Welling
 nude rapper 1
 nude rapper 1  nude rapper 1
Former boy-bander Justin Timberlake likes to mix it up with all those strapping black rappers, but does he have the bod rod to really keep up where it counts? These fake Timberlake pics give fuel to the fantasy that JT measures up to well-hung hip hop hotties like Nelly, Ray J and T.I. . See it all

Dicaprio Frontal Nude ShotTom Welling showing his big thick cock and muscular body
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1. Jason Mraz

2. Jay-Z

3. Billie Armstrong

4. Jack Johnson

6. Rob Thomas

4. Tim Mcgraw

6. Tramar Dillard (Flo Rida)
7. Toby Keith
8. David Cook
9. T.I.
10. Akon

Nude Musicians of the month
Jared Hasselhoff
If you get the chance to see The Bloodhound Gang live, you might get an extra thrill if Evil Jared Hasselhoff opts to expose his ripped abs and thick dick while he plays! See his live action shots here.

Jason Mraz
Coffeehouse favorite Jason Mraz is hiding a sleek swimmer's body behind that lyrical voice. He's got just the right amount of hair peppering his toned chest and a nice treasure trail leading to his man panties. Want to see him lose the bikini? Click Here!

Brandon Boyd
The rock star days of sunken chest and hollow eyes are gone. Now we've got rockers like Incubus's Brandon Boyd who's sexy, buffed up and tattooed. Get access to the rest of our Rock Star Archive now!

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I wanted to let you guys know that I love your nude musicians section, I never knew so many musicians love to get naked. Keep up the great site, I have been loving it for two years now.
Jarod - Las Vegas

"nick Olivieri shows us his cock and low hanging balls"

Nick Olivieri, probably best known as one-time guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age, has a penchant for stripping down and shredding in the nude. Swinging his dick has gotten him in trouble though - he was BUSTED in Rio de Janeiro for playing naked on stage during the Rock in Rio festival and had to make a public apology. See Nick and hundreds of other Naked Musicians here! See it all




T.I. rubbing His big dick
Eminem nude
 nude rapper 1
 nude rapper 2  nude rapper 3
Rapper T.I. gets such a rush from performing in front of thousands of screaming fans he sometimes has to spank the monkey right on stage. In prison now, he's got plenty of time to jack off and maybe even hook up on the down low. We're just wondering if he's a top or a bottom? With that chocolaty-cream hairless body, we're thinking he's somebody's bitch.. See it all
Eminem Frontal Nude Shot We have some great photos of Eminem getting naked
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Adam Lambert Wicked Kiss

The Bravery bassist Mike "Dirt" Hindert usually goes for that retro 50's greaser look, except when he's wearing nothing at all. During a performance at the Glastonbury Festival, which was scheduled to be aired live on the BBC, Hindert got so overheated he simply stripped down and rocked out in the nude. The broadcast was scrapped, but based on the size of Hindert's cock, we're thinking he's got a good future in gay porn. Mike Hindert isn't the only musician who likes to get naked on stage. See our archive of public musician nudity here! See it all


Pete Wentz Hacked Naked Cell phone Pics
John Mayer Shirtless
pete wentz 1
pete wentz 2 pete wentz 3

Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz went a little crazy with his cell phone and snapped up some scandalous pictures and videos of himself jacking off! You'd think celebs would realize, if you tape it, we'll find it. Check out the complete Pete Wentz hacked cell phone picture and video scandal along with other male musician sex tapes here! See it all
John Mayer Frontal John Mayer doesn't take it off very often, but we have the shirtless collection.see more


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