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2. Getting Off in Uniform
3. Military Mayhem
4. Naval Academy
6. Hunks In Camouflage
4. Off With Uniforms

6. QMV Uniform

7. Military Misconduct
8. The Recruit
9. Second Thoughts
10. Hunks In Camouflage


Major Pain
Major PainThey don't call this Army stud Major pain for nothing. He's one of the sexiest men at the barracks and with his nine inch cock, he really brings the pain.

Nelson's Revenge
After becoming a lieutenant, Nelson was able to fuck any members of the platoon he wanted. He did his fair share of blowjobs coming up throught the ranks, now it's his turn.

New Recruits & Fresh Ass
The new recruits have arrived and none of them have a hotter ass then this hunk. He was a jock in high school, but could never show his love for cock.

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Navy Recruit Gangbang Initiation

In the Navy this is sometimes called initiation, in the real world it is called a gay gangbang. This sexy blonde twink had no idea what he was signing up for, but gave in rather easy. He had his mouth full of cocks by the second night after boot camp. By the end of the week, he started enjoying getting fucked by his fellow platoon members and actually started craving cock. Watch the hour long video of this young Navy hunk getting fucked and abused by his squad.

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Mario's In For A Treat
Seargent Jerks Off
Eric Dane shirtless 1
Eric Dane shirtless 1 Eric Dane shirtless 1
Mario played baseball until he was eighteen years old and then decided it was time for him to join the Marines. He had always toyed with the idea of joining, but figured that it would be hard for him as a gay man. Little did he know that there were several other gay soldiers at his barracks and that he would be fucking almost every night. See it all
Dicaprio Frontal Nude Shot
Seargent sneaks away to jerk off
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Gay Police Sex
police man 01 police man 02

When Steve was just a twink, he dreamed of becoming a cop. Ten years later and his dream came true, he became a man in blue. It didn't take long before he was offered sexual favors to get out of trouble, but didn't chance it. Not for a while anyway...until he realized that half of the police squad were getting blowjobs and sex for petty crimes. After that, Steve was fucking a new crook every couple days and getting blown in exchange for freedom.
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Russian Navy Blowjobs
twinks in uniform 01
twinks in uniform 02 twinks in uniform 03
When Boris signed up for the Russian Navy, he was very intimidated at first. The guys were all much bigger than him and looked much older. Boris soon became one of the 'Bitches' on the ship and ended up liking it. He gave blowjobs for favors in return and that made his 4 years go by quickly. Now he's still getting fucked from the captain of his ship. See it all

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